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Bengals have an unmatched wild beauty with their unique patterns, markings and colors



 We place  our kittens based on personality matching to ensure that new family's are getting just the right kitten, and our kittens get their PURRfect forever home



All of our kittens are raised in home with lots of love and attention.

 They go from our hearts to yours.

About Us

Why we chose to breed Bengals

I have loved and owned cats all of my life, but when I was introduced to the Bengal breed, I went head over heals. Bengal kittens and cats are charming, intelligent, and have the most wonderful personalities in addition to the most amazing colors, patterns, and markings. It is a love that needed to be shared with others. 

Why YOU should choose our Bengals

All of our Bengal kittens and cats are part of our family. Kittens are raised in home with lots of love and room to play. We create strong bonds with them by spending a lot of time handling and loving  them from the time they are born. They grow up confident, loving and trusting. We also use  high quality name brand food and supplies for all our cats and kittens so they grow up healthy. We also provide lifetime pet support and advice to ensure a healthy happy home. 

Come join our family!

We are located in Maine and serving New England 

Our Pricing and Homing Procedure

Our Pricing


We do our best to keep our prices as low as possible as we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to own one of these wonderful cats. The cost of a kitten is $800.00, PLUS the cost of full vetting which is $150 for males and $250 for females. Full vetting includes: health exam with stool sample, vaccinations (including rabies if 16 weeks+) preventative flea and worming treatments, as well as Spay/neuter. 

Homing Procedure

We are selective about the homes our kittens go to. We do ask questions and do our best to personality match to choose  the best home/family for the kitten. It is, by state law, my right to refuse any sale.

Once approved we send a sample contract through email. if the buyer is agreeable to the terms and conditions, a final contract with the kittens photo and information is sent by email.

Once the contract is signed and sent back to RoyalTree, We will accept the Vetting fee which may be sent by money order or money gram transfer (Paypal options coming soon). When we have received the vetting fee, we send the signed contract back via email, along with receipt of the vetting payment. we immediately schedule the alteration/vetting appointment with our vet (usually our vet gets us in within 2-3 days).

After the appointment, we hold the kitten until the kitten has recovered. The time frame for a male is usually 4days to 1 week; for a female the holding time is 1-2 weeks. The reason for this is to ensure that the kitten heals properly in a familiar environment which makes it less stressful for the kitten. It also allows us to monitor the kitten during the healing process as we are able to pick up on early signs or symptoms that would need to be address with our vet such as pulled stitches, abnormal swelling, early signs of infection and ect. This also avoids new owners having to possibly administer pain medication or antibiotics should they be necessary, which is not the best way to start a relationship with your new kitty.  

During the holding period, we keep the new owners updated on recovery and send lots of photos/ videos, and a meeting time and place is set up. Final payment and signing of the contract is done in person when you receive your kitty. 


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