About Us

Why we choose to breed Bengals

I have loved and owned cats all of my life, but when I was introduced to the Bengal breed, I went head over heals. Bengal kittens and cats are charming, intelligent, and have the most wonderful personalities in addition to the most amazing colors, patterns, and markings. It is a love that needed to be shared with others. 

Why YOU should choose our Bengals

All of our Bengal kittens and cats are part of our family. Kittens are raised in home with lots of love and room to play. We create strong bonds with them by spending a lot of time handling and loving  them from the time they are born. They grow up confident, loving and trusting. We also use  high quality name brand food and supplies for all our cats and kittens so they grow up healthy. We also provide lifetime pet support and advice to ensure a healthy happy home.

Come join our FAMILY